2010~2011 Season

Ice skiing

1. practiced ice with RC at CF

– body can’t fall behind(center stands), avoid survivor mode on ice

– sharp edge

–  engage edge early to avoid skidding, why? don’t know(Roy also mentioned this)

2. ultimate skiing book

– understood platform angle and edge angle. big edge angle doesn’t always mean good edge hold

leg force and platform angle has to be less than 90, however, bigger edge angle will decrease platform angle(personal conclusion)

basically this also confirms personal experience why sometimes it is easier to get get hold on steep

– talked to a race coach, she mentioned if one can carve on snow, he/she should also  be able to do it on ice, make sense after understanding

platform angle

–  Took video on steep, analysis below

vic & roy: backseat, weight on inside ski, arm too much apart

bo: upper body turns, no phase 1 or 2.

rc: backseat, arm too much apart

– practiced on steep and ice at MT, conclusion

1. weight has to be on outside ski

2. body has to follow downhill, otherwise, backseat

next season goal:

1. carve on ice and steep, weight on outside ski, body follow up, think about early edge(platform angle)


– not as much improvement as last year

– but able to handle half windigo on a good condition day

problem: left turn as as quick

next season goal: focus on left turn and absorb

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